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Influencer Marketing Agency 101

Influencer marketing agencies work simultaneously with influencers and brands to create influencer marketing campaigns and bring them together.

Influencer marketing agencies work simultaneously with influencers and brands to create influencer marketing campaigns and bring them together. Influencer marketing agents can run their campaigns through a single social media channel. In addition, they can use many social media channels simultaneously for their campaigns. A successful influencer marketing agency aims to complete its new campaign in the best way by using the experience and knowledge it has gained from its previous campaigns.

How does it help brands?

The way influencer marketing agencies work may differ from each other. Full-service influencer marketing agencies deal with all the details of a campaign. The brand comes to the agency and asks them to conduct an influencer marketing campaign. If the agency provides full-service influencer marketing agency service to this company, it creates the campaign entirely according to the brand's characteristics. They find the idea of the campaign, analyze the services offered by the brand or the products it sells. Then it determines the product/service that best suits the influencer campaign, and organize the campaign through this product.

The appropriate influencer to promote this specified product is the campaign's social media side by identifying promotional details such as content and social media channel. Then, they submit ideas and campaign details to the brand and receive approval. In the following steps, agencies ensure that the process proceeds smoothly as planned. At the end of the campaign, the influencer marketing agency analyses the data and present reports to the brand. In short, the influencer marketing agency that provides full-time service is responsible for everything from the beginning to the end of the campaign.

On the other hand, influencer marketing agencies can offer more specialized services to brands. There are several different types of agencies that interact with brands. Creative agencies, social media agencies, media buying agencies build relationships with brands to help them create campaigns and achieve their campaign goals. Still, each does it in a different way.

What does an influencer marketing agency do?

Influencer marketing agencies help brands reach out to influential people to market their products. This helps them gain more visibility on social media and create awareness about their brand. Influencer marketing agencies can do this in various ways. We listed a few campaigns types that influencer marketing agencies offer. Let's take a closer look at these campaigns.

Social Media Follower Creation Campaign:

The purpose of the social media follower creation campaign is to increase the number of followers on social media accounts of the brand. That is why influencers in such campaigns direct their followers to the brands' social media accounts they promote.

Theme and Hashtag Campaigns- In such campaigns, influencers share posts with the same specific theme or the same hashtags. They even want their followers to join them by making shares with hashtags, which they share. Thanks to this, followers share images or thoughts about this brand. In such campaigns conducted by influencer marketing agencies, it is desirable to reach many people and create a wide audience effect.

Product Placement Campaigns:

These are another of the campaigns that influencer marketing agencies can organize. Influencer, integrates the product into a post on the brand's social media account. This post can be a video, a photo-sharing, or a story-sharing. Influencer allows the campaign to reach its followers by placing a product belonging to its brand in its post. To execute such campaigns correctly, the task of the influencer marketing agency is essential. They pay attention to factors such as the influencer's follower base is organic, the message reaches the right audience, and the selection of the influencer is correct.

Discount or Gift Campaigns:

In these campaigns, influencers give a discount code or gift to their followers to promote the brand’s product that owns the campaign or increase the purchase rate. Influencers promote the product of the brand. They tell their followers about the campaign they can use to have this product. In this way, they increased the awareness of the product. Also, the discount code creates an advantage of an increase in sales figures. Brands usually prefer such campaigns when they releases a new product. To execute these campaigns successfully, it is very important that the agencies accurately analyze the brand’s products and make the right decision on the product.


These campaigns involving prizes are a good way to boost awareness and promote brands, especially during special occasions. In one such type of campaign, influencers promote the giveaway of a brand’s product to their followers by sharing the details in their posts. The selected winners are announced among the followers who participated in the giveaway. Many people are reached throughout the giveaway. Moreover, the brand’s social media account is exposed to more people by placing it within the giveaway rules. Influencer marketing agencies ensure that the process of selecting winners is done fairly and clearly. Therefore there are no suspicious points. They also monitor the control over this process.

Creative Idea Campaigns: 

In this type of campaign conducted by influencer marketing agencies, the influencer creates content that accurately conveys the brand’s message. This content can create a structure that directs large audiences to the sharing stream. 

Why Work with an Influencer Marketing Agency?

The most important point of the working systems of influencer marketing agencies is that they have the right influencers. In order to achieve a successful result in the campaigns, influencers must have an organic and active following. Moreover, the engagement rates must be high. At this point, there are unique influencers that influencer marketing agencies have from their past work. The success of these influencers in campaigns has been proven by their previous campaigns. In short, the most important feature that influencer marketing agencies have when running their campaigns is that they can work in strong communication with the right influencers.

Influencer marketing agencies are specially equipped to plan the best campaigns for brands. They understand the latest trends and know-how to combine them with the brand message and choose which influencers can reach the target audience.

Influencer marketing agencies are not only involved in the campaign process. They also take part in the processes that determine the campaign's success. It allows the brand to understand how much it gets from its expenses. In this way, brands can continue or end their marketing activities by understanding whether their products are suitable for the influencer market.

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