How to make a reel on Instagram?

Instagram Reel are watched by millions of users. This article will try to tell you how to make a reel on Instagram and how to make it lit.

We spend most of our free time on social media during the day. With the developing technology, social media has become the majority of our lives. Our profiles have become an important tool to reflect our characters. And perhaps the most important of these social media applications is Instagram. One of the latest features of Instagram, also attracts a lot of attention: Instagram reels. These reels are created and watched by millions of users. This article will try to tell you how to make a reel on Instagram and how to make it lit. While doing this, we will examine both the technical aspect of the work and try to give you tricks for a good reel.

What is a Reel?

In order to take a good reel, we first need to know what a reel is. An Instagram reel is a 60-second montage of your best photos and videos. It's not a new channel, but it's growing in popularity as more people try to stand out on the ever-popular mobile photo app.

Instagram Reels are a new way for brands and businesses to market their brand via the Instagram platform. If you happen to be a marketer looking for a new social opportunity, then you should definitely start recording reels.

Although there are generally entertaining videos, we can encounter very different reels. These reels mostly contain videos. But it is also possible to produce reels with photographs. These videos or photos are combined with a sound. The rest is entirely up to your freedom and creativity.

How to make a Reel?

After opening Instagram, tap the plus button in the upper-right section. Then press the reels video part. The camera screen will open. Apart from this, there are two more places where you can reach the Reels screen. You can tap the camera on the right in the area where you watch reels. Or you can reach the reels taking area through the options in the story section. Then you can shoot the video you want and prepare an excellent reel.

After shooting your video, you can complete your reel by adding the music you want to the background. We can say that technically it is a straightforward process. A type of video that anyone can do, and you don't need a professional camera or app. But how can you best do this? We will give you tricks to create good reels in the rest of our article.

Set the Timing

Reels are short videos. It can take up to 60 seconds. First, you need to think about the idea in your head. You have to calculate how many seconds of video you need to produce. You can even rehearse before shooting. Since you have a limited time to deliver your message to your audience, be precise.

Determine the Scenario

Setting up the scenario is a significant factor. If you are recording an informative video, you must have a good script in your mind before start recording. For example, if you talk about a café you like, you won't have a chance to explain everything you like about it. So, give people the essential point like where the cafe is and and what makes this caffee beautiful, then add some attracting footage.

You can create a reel in various formats. Before recording your reel, watch many reels as possible to get inspired and learn from others. Remember that each reel is unique and personal and doesn't have to have a certain structure.  If you are re-editing your reel, make sure that you focus on what works and what doesn't.

Use Effects, Stickers and Textures

These effects are the most valuable and beautiful feature of Reel. You can use these effects before or after shooting the reel. You can access the effects by tapping the camera part to the right or left. Or you can make the alignments thanks to the cursors on the left side of the screen. You can also adjust the speed of our video here. Thanks to the cursor above the camera button, we can add effects or stickers.

Tap the screen and add text as well. You can set where and how long that text will stay on the screen. You can write in many sizes in many fonts. Using them effectively is one of the tricks of shooting a good reel.

Choose Right Audio

The audio you will use should definitely be compatible with the Reel you shoot. An audio selection compatible with the scenes you shoot will make the reel you shoot beautiful. Besides, some audios are trending. These trends change almost every day. We recommend that you shoot a reel on trending audio at the moment. Because if you use trending audios, the reel you shoot will fall on the homepage of more people. And that will get you more views.

Preview and Sharing

Now you know how to make a reel on Instagram, you followed the steps and your Reel is about to be completed. Instagram allows you to watch the Reel you shoot before posting it. First of all, we recommend that you carefully examine your Reel in the preview section. Here you can find the mistakes you made or the parts you don't like. You can even watch your friends and get advice. You can make adjustments according to the feedback on this screen. If all is well, only the sharing part of your Reel remains. You can share your Reel on your profile or story.

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