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5 Ways To Create Engaging Content for Instagram

It can be difficult to create engaging content for Instagram. If you are struggling with it, here are five ways to increase engagement.

Instagram is a major social media platform with 500 million daily active users, but it can be difficult to create engaging content for the network. It's hard finding out what will work and what won't. That's why we've put together five ways that you can use to increase engagement on your Instagram posts.


Focus on Building a Community


As Instagram becomes a more important platform for businesses, it's crucial for brand managers to know how to build their community. Just like any other platform, Instagram is a place where you can connect with people and followers who will either become your customers or potential influencers to share your message with their community. 


People do not follow brands to just complete purchases. They want to communicate with the brand, and want to see valuable, inspirational, or relatable content.  If you want to increase your brand's Instagram engagement, you should focus on building a community. Focus on building relationships. Focus on fostering trust and making connections with your audience. Once you focus on that, creating engaging content will naturally become easier.


Seeing your followers as a part of your community on Instagram gives your brand an authentic voice and encourages real relationships - all of which leads to conversions. Start by deciding what seeds you want to plant, like being funny, sharing useful information, or posting beautiful visual content. Be consistent and always reply to user comments and messages. Then you will be creating engaging content for your followers.


Relatable Memes


Funny and relatable content encourages users to like, comment and share your content. These types of memes will draw many positive responses (and hopefully increases in your followers). Whether they are funny, insightful or serious, these memes are sure to boost your engagement rate on every post you make.


Collaborate with Influencers 

There are many benefits to using influencers in your marketing strategy, with the most obvious one being to increase the engagement on your posts. Using the right influencer, you can exponentially increase engagement on your Instagram and in turn have positive results on the rest of your social media channels.

Influencer marketing is growing in popularity as more and more brands are finding benefits to teaming up with influential Instagrammers. By collaborating with influencers and personalities that align with your brand values, you can reach a wider audience and start building relationships between your brand and the new followers.Influencer Marketing creates a strong and powerful connection between brands and their audiences. You can increase social media engagement, brand visibility, and new leads through engaging influencers.


Tweets into Instagram Posts

Your Instagram followers love photos. They adore the shared moments that you post. But there might just be one thing they love even more and that's when you're funny and creative with your posts, even if it means taking a little inspiration from other channels. Yes, we are talking about tweets.


Tweets can be a great source for Instagram posts. A new analysis shows that Instagram photos that were originally posted as tweets received on average 127 percent more engagement than usual. We are sure you have seen them on your Instagram Explore. So, you should start posting them for your brand, too. 


Take Advantage of Video Formats

Did you know that videos are six times more likely to get shared than photos on Instagram? Share a video on Instagram Reels, then post a photo. Compare how many people they are going to reach. 


Videos are the future of Instagram, so you should definitely create more content in this format. Go behind the scenes of a new product launch, start an entertaining hashtag campaign, or create a cinema-inspired story sequence that gives your followers a beautiful look at your brand. The possibilities are endless. Don't miss out—get creative!


Embrace Instagram Stories.

Instagram stories have quickly skyrocketed in popularity. It almost seems like everybody's on insta-stories.. Whether it be your neighbor, celebrities, or even pets, everybody's doing it. It makes sense, insta-stories allow people to share little moments throughout the day while being creative. People are also drawn into stories because of the FOMO effect, a.k.a fear of missing out.


You definitely should embrace Instagram stories to capture the attention of your followers. Using stories make your brand seem more authentic and approachable, therefore your engagement rate is likely to increase.


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